Warning Signs on Free Immigration Law Consultations

When seeking a free immigration consultation, be forewarned that you usually get what you pay for… Some of our recent posts have highlighted the critical differences between paid and free consultations and why our consultation fee is well worth it, as well as the dangers of attempted “Do It Yourself” immigration law.

But today, we are focusing on warning signs to look for which indicate that a “free consultation” will be a waste of everyone’s time, and could even be harmful to you:

Top 5 Warning Signs

 You’re told that…

  1. The consultation will be conducted by a paralegal because the attorney is not in the office
  2. There is no need to bring documents to the consultation for the attorney to review
  3. An in-depth analysis of the case will occur after you hire the lawyer
  4. It only takes five minutes to see if there is anything that can done to help
  5. The answer to an online questionnaire replaces the need to speak to an attorney

All too often, many lawyers rely on administrative staff to handle new client intake and do the entire consultation, but this is dangerous! Countless issues can be easily missed, and inaccurate or harmful advice may be given to you by these non-lawyers.

While other firms may offer a supposedly “free” consultation, these brief meetings offer little value. Further, you’ll often end up forced to sign a full retainer just to receive the basic advice we provide in our initial consultation.

Finally, the advice given to you by a non-lawyer, whether it is a paralegal, the lawyer’s assistant or some other non-lawyer person that works at a law firm is not legal advice, and could in fact be very wrong information which will be detrimental to the rest of your immigration case if followed!

Why Shane & Shane is Different

In Shane & Shane’s consultations, our Board Certified immigration and nationality law attorneys will take as much time as needed to discuss your situation, review your materials, and provide guidance on your best path forward. Plus – if you decide to retain the firm, your initial consultation fee is waived, so it ends up being absolutely no cost to you!

Hear from our many satisfied clients, and contact us today to become one of them!